This photographic series by Jesse van den Berg is an ode to the human body. It showcases different people with various types of torsos, celebrating the beauty that is within all of us.

While I was growing up I often felt the need to cover myself up and even wear swimming trunks while I was alone in the shower for years. I felt quite alienated with the naked body and through this experience I gained a certain fascination on the topics of intimacy, sexuality, the naked body and how they relate to my being.

Jesse van den Berg

Photography: Jesse van den Berg @jessenijmegen

The serie is currently exhibited in Portogruaro, Italia during the ‘Biennale Fotografia’ in the group show: “Eyes To Feel – the bare soul.” alongside artists @lydiametral @laurasgherri @marielegalland, curated by @costanzasalini.

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