Victoria Ocampo is a photographer and filmmaker from Buenos Aires, Argentina, specializing in fashion, e-commerce, and music videos. Her work explores personal and collective themes with a contemporary focus. By presenting alternative perspectives on identity, her images delve into societal constructs around the body, sexuality, desires, and self-awareness, aiming to express emotions and challenge cultural norms. Her playful creative process involves dialogue with people, self-reflection, and exploration of representations and their limits. With her work, she prompts contemplation on the choice of being versus societal expectations.

Photography is the medium I use, to build questions around intimate sensations that cross through me from my position as a woman in the culture I inhabit.

Victoria Ocampo

I am interested in showcasing different ways in which culture shapes and categorizes us. My intention is to present alternative ways of seeing and being.

Victoria Ocampo

The images serve as a way for me to ask myself whether I choose to be or if I am made to be.

Victoria Ocampo

Photography and Creative direction. Victoria Ocampo @_victoria__ocampo
Model. Daniela Medina @danu_medinapolesport
Makeup and hair. Natalia Isabel @nataliaisabelh

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