Lydia Metral “Les insouciants”


Lydia Metral (Grenoble, 1986) is a French self-taught photographer with a Spanish background. Her personal photography projects focuse mainly on intimacy, taking snapshots of her friends, lovers and family and documenting her life and the queer community which she belongs to.

“Les insouciants” (the reckless) is a documentary project about young adults who feel different, who don’t fit in the standards of society, who try to escape the established norms. For 5 years, Lydia has been taking photos of friends, acquaintances and people she met through the project itself within the queer community with the intention to give them visibility, to show them as they really are, in a space forged in their image, where they can express themselves freely. Despite facing difficulties, all of them had the courage to embrace who they are.

This work is a tribute to youth, to individuality, to diversity and to difference. It also a project about love, self-love and self-acceptance. In a world torn apart, where inequality and discrimination remains, I felt it was vital to show a youth beyond the divisions that are constantly imposed. With this series, my objective is to invite my audience to experience the beauty, warmth and authenticity of my encounters.

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