Finding Laughter in Isolation: Mariana Feijó’s Playful Perspective on the Pandemic

Mariana Feijó is a Portuguese content creator based in London, who views the world through a humorous lens. They utilize various mediums to convey stories and jokes, with a deliberate choice to transform every emotion into a source of amusement instead of giving in to despair.

Very early on in the period of isolation brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, I decided to take every feeling as an inspiration to be silly, rather than fully fall into despair. A combination of the unlawfulness of touch between people not in a committed, monogamous relationship who shared a house, and the over reliance on technology for communication led to these two series of work – Slide Into My Idioms, and Type Your Feelings.

Mariana Feijó

The series encompassed Idea Generation, Photography, and Graphic Design, all of which were created by Mariana Feijó.

Website: – Instagram: @marianasbits

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