Melisa Minca is a Berlin based handmade clothing brand founded in 2018, which specializes in upcycling clothing. The brand offers one-of-a-kind garments while keeping a focus on eco-friendly and ethical production. Her new collection ‘EXTRA MATERIAL’ is composed of pieces that are reworked from second hand clothes, early 2000 inspired with romantic vibes. It centers around the extravagant street wear look celebrating all bodies and uniqueness.

“After a year of operating as an upcycling brand which also makes custom garments, I’ve accumulated some fabric stock – leftovers. To make some of these garments we were working with pieces ranging from one meter to as little as scraps of 20×20 cm. No little bit goes wasted in this studio! The rest of the collection is made up of reworked vintage or second hand clothing. Instead of disposing of fabric scraps rendering them useless and a hazard to us all, this collection celebrates scraps as tools to make garments unique.”

photo: @ivankassa
models: @amorsahar @justanothernerdasian @michelle.senzig @r.a.philippe @elena.siepe
assistance: @nakedmiya

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