Michal Tesler


Michal Tesler is an artist born in Israel in 1984, and raised in Berlin with russian heritage. She creates conceptual video work solely for Social Media: a digital infinite canvas composed of her paintings, music and herself as an object. She first stepped into the digital world by blogging under the name M3 Blogger on artschoolvets.com in 2008 with her second half Mayra Fateh, who later bacame her partner on Eve without Adam, an online Journal and Creative Agency. “Blogging was by then a completely different story, than it is now.” says Michal. In the summer of 2012, Michal created XXSOCIETY, her own cryptic typography as a feminine perspective on our society. Painting, which includes reflected adaptations of quotes, is the basis of her work. With her writing, she extends the symbolic space of language by being ambiguous at first sight. At the same time, she encloses the interpretive space as she imposes a message.

Sexuality is not an act for me. Sexuality is a spiritual space in which I search within. In our societal context, this vast space shrinks to a small box that stands in the grimy corner. Although we move in an universal space, we feel as though it’s a box. Standing in this corner, which is filthy, disgusting and called out by humanity. We know that sex is more than shooting sperm into a vagina, anus, mouth or on any part of the body. I stage myself as an object of desire and use it to the repertoire of successful guarantees. Evidently, we are fascinated by the lives of others. Especially, when one it gets naked, the attention is quickly awakened. We all mutate into human observers – almost like voyeurs, secretly and remotely.

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