Barbara Mihályi


Barbara Mihályi is a Hungarian artist based in Italy, whose work is interested in nature, food art, the human body and our connection with it. She has released a photography book ‘My Invisible Disease’ that consists of a series processing the ups and downs of living with ‘colitis’.

This disease is scary because it is for a lifetime. It is not visible. I am the only one who knows it is happening. I am the only one who knows there are feces in my underwear, who knows it hurts when I eat something heavy and knows when it bleeds. A lot.(…) Others do not know how to talk about it. They do not dare to talk about it and they do not want to. I have to, this is my job. In this book i am dealing with the fear of cancer, fear of loosing my femininity, fear of pain. Dealing with my appearance, with food and with all the medicine doctors gave me. All my attention is on my body. All fearful moments give rise to a photograph that is banishing the scary and soul destroyer thoughts. I am focused on the task: to describe the story of my body and the discovery of how I found my way back home. Art therapy for colitis’ disease.
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