Nadja Ellinger


Nadja Ellinger is a Photograher and Artist based in London and Munich. Purchasing her first camera at the age of 18, photography since then has become her true companion. In 2013 Nadja decided to pursue a formal education in photography and design at the University of Applied Science in Munich. She then started working on series exploring human psyche and the subject of fragility from the perspective of her lens. 2018 she began to study fine art photography at the Royal College of Arts in London.

“‘Über die Zerbrechlichkeit’ (About Fragility)  is a project about failure, fears and vulnerability. Especially as an artist, the external presentation is always present – and it should be as successful as possible. The failure, the uncertainty is not discussed. But this is what makes us human, opens us, and enables growth. Therefore, this series shows the fragility of people – not as something negative that should be avoided, but as something deeply human and honest.”
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