Natasha Wilson

Natasha Wilson is a Lifestyle & Fashion Photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Her work is inspired by culture, colors and her passion for travel. She usually paints her own hues over her photographs, and reduces the color palette to a cohesive blend of hues. Her unique perspective transpires through her images, and conveys a dream-like atmosphere. With her series titled “Rise”, the artist aims to showcase a physical representation of white washing in America.

White washing in Hollywood and all other forms of media have been prominent to me ever since I was a little girl. I would see rows of magazines at the bookstores and instantly get bored at the lack of diversity and color throughout. I can not even imagine what it’s like for POC to be constantly reminded that their hair, skin color, and culture is not “in fashion” or likable. I have always tried to diversify my portfolio of work but unless you blatantly say you are MAD about something, no one will get what you are trying to say. We can talk about how much it pisses us off but we can’t get anywhere without action. By creating this series and opening this topic, I hope to inspire not only Hollywood but other photographers and creatives that refuse to show diversity in their media.
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