Red Rubber Road “Quarantine”

@redrubberroad (@anahellphotography + @nathaliedreier_)

These photographs are from an ongoing self-portrait project by AnaHell and Nathalie Dreier titled Red Rubber Road. In 2018, AnaHell spent over 3 weeks in quarantine in the infectious disease isolation ward at the military hospital in Berlin. Visits were only allowed in protective gear and for Nathalie’s visit they got permission to bring the camera into the hospital room to take self portraits.

This hospital series was an attempt at making the most of the situation by creating staged self-portraits that play with the constraints we faced in this unique situation. These images are pre-pandemic but reflect the playfulness and optimism that creativity can provide during moments of disease and isolation. During this difficult time we are sending lots of love to anyone currently experiencing isolation and quarantine.
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