Our Scars, Our Stories

Danae Charalabidou, an amateur photographer from Athens, Greece, captures the human body through a feminist lens, emphasizing inclusivity. From underground scenes to nature’s embrace, her work, like ‘Our Scars, Our Stories,’ celebrates women’s resilience, reflecting an empowering journey free from fear.

March 8 has always been a day of assertion and struggle. It has nothing to do with flowers, products, and discount codes. And as such, it is worth celebrating.
On this day, we too claim our space to express ourselves, feel comfortable, be as feminine or not as feminine as we want, and express it in any way we like. This day, and every day, we claim spaces where we can be safe, walk, and exist without fear and keys in hand. We claim time and peace, to be able to work on our bodies, away from your constant criticisms and advice. To process its changes, increase or decrease. It’s relaxation and scars. The signs of a “battle” that we gave or are still giving.
See you, my sisters, in the new places and times. Rendez-vous on the streets.

Danae Charalabidou


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