Samera Paz is a photojournalist, creative director and student majoring in photography. She is the founder of the young women’s movement Girl Power Meetups which is an organization that is impacting the lives of young women by bringing them together to create and support.  Samera is someone who is very open and not afraid to show vulnerability and truth. These are things she practices in her life as well as in her art and most importantly, as a woman. Her inspirations come from the world around her, especially people. Women, artists, friends and even strangers inspire her and her work. Paz is someone who just feels a great need to support anyone who is passionate about their dreams!
This series of photographs is called Abuela’s House. The young artist from Washington D.C wants people to feel something when they see her work, whether it being inspiration, disgust, joy or confusion. Personally, the emotions captured by Samera are strangely relatable so we couldn’t feel more compassionate.

“Every year my grandmother leaves out of the country on vacation to Colombia for 2 months. While she is away my family and I reside in her home. In those 2 months, I document our stories of personal heartbreak, the obstacles and choices we face, the togetherness and separation.”

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