‘Sustainable Slutwear’ by Saqua Studio


Saqua Studio is a sex positive, inclusive brand that creates alternatives to the default world where bodies are censored and plastic fills oceans. Created in 2019 by Louise Poët, Saqua Studio offers unique designs of swimwear and lingerie, in regenerated nylon, biodegradable elastics and other sustainable materials, designed and handcrafted in Paris. The intimates are inclusive of bodies and sexualities, as well as crafted consciously; They call it ‘Sustainable Slutwear‘.

We support everyone who owns their desires and claims the right to express themselves.

Louise Poët

Originally from Marseille, Louise spent 4 years studying design and pattern-making in Berlin. Her involvement in queer communities inspired her to make her own nightlife outfits, and to research the construction of femininity online and offline. Her creative practice merged with her academic research. After returning to Paris where she worked with brands such as Lanvin, Haider Ackerman & Off White, Louise then decided to create Saqua Studio.

campaign credits:
Photography: Hélène Mastrandréas @helenemastrandreas
Styliste & DA: Laure Orset-Prelet @laureorsetprelet @etatsdecorps
Talents: Thelma @uccellove & Mila @milafurie 
Video direction: Sarra Ryma @sarraryma
DOP: Anna Prokulevich @anna_prokulevich
Text and Voice: Yelena Moskovich @yelenamoskovich
Edit & Music: Toma Friedrich @toma_friedrich
all clothing Saqua Studio @saqua_studio (except the jeans and wool sweater vintage).

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