Sarah Seené


Sarah Seené is a french photographer based in Montreal (Canada) working with instant photography, more precisely Polaroid. Her world is composed of a strange atmosphere, between dream and poetry, tinted with childhood and loneliness ; her images being suspended in time and unreal. Sarah is part of The 12.12 project and World Wide Women, two international collectives of women analog photographers. She’s the co-founder of a long distance collaboration project called “I’ll be your mirror”, with the american photographer Sarah Elise Abramson.
The featured work, “Soft resilience’s strategies”, is a series of polaroid selfportraits, shot in between France, Germany, Canada and USA, in which Sarah is creating many poetic and painless hidden places, where the calm is king: a representation of a world built from scratch, based on real elements, where the instant becomes a self-constructed landscape.

My photographic work is mainly around the notion of ”I”. More than that, its viscerally full of it. This concern of the ”I” is always brought by the way I stage myself. Nowadays, with the importance of the social image and the selfie, where the narcissism predominates, the selfportrait is questionning itself. Throughout solitary walks, consisting of exploring streets, fields, forests and abandonned houses with either my instant camera or 35mm camera, I’m looking for a place to stage myself. I’m creating it. The notion of place is in the core of my series. Its intimately linked to my own life, to my story. To find our place or to give it to ourself. Where childhood left wounds, there must be a construction of the ”I” to assure our own survival. Words, too precise and clumsy for the pain and autoconstruction, are replaced by images, allowing to capture some hints under the mystery, without saying too much. Analogue photography, tough and soft, is apprehended here as a mirror, a possibility to understand and access to selflove between childhood and adulthood.”
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