“FREE TO LOVE” by Giovanni Filippi


Giovanni Filippi is an italian independent photographer based in Milan, Italy.
In his work, Giovanni tries to create rare moments of unguarded intimacy, capturing the chemistry with his subjects and revealing the emotion that imbues the image. Through simple and direct photographs, he wants to convey a natural vision of love and attraction not identified in a genre.

Thinking of love as something that can be ‘judged’ is inhumane and not intelligent at all. Love has no gender. Who has the right to decide how and who I should love?

We live in a world where you think you have a good relationship with your parents, until the moment of the fateful coming out, when your parents tell you “I don’t accept you”.
Do you know what is really against nature? Lying to yourself, because if you are not attracted to a certain sex, there is nothing wrong, there is nothing to change or to impose on yourself, because living a lie is the most wrong thing

interview with models Manuela and Federica

Manuela: @666_suicideroom
Federica: @fe_fe3

This project is ongoing. If you would like to participate please contact Giovanni Filippi.

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