Several Hosanna

by @victoria_vinas

Victoria Vinas‘ photographic series captures the essence of the female body in a powerful and thought-provoking way. Through her lens, she explores the diverse beauty of women’s bodies and sheds light on the invisibilization of those who do not fit into the narrow Western standard of beauty. With a keen eye for detail and an acute understanding of the importance of representation, Vinas prompts viewers to question their perceptions of beauty and confront the limitations placed on women’s bodies that have held us back for far too long.


The representation of the woman’s body is an eternal subject. What we have to show, what we have to hide. To create a feeling, which will often refer to the lover or wife, sometimes to the mother. Rarely to herself. I studied nursing for a while. I was deeply marked by the diversity of bodies and the invisibilization that we make of them. Through these photos, I open my personal representation of a woman, who does not represent all of them, but who represents herself. All made of flesh and bones, but even more: all bodies are.


I wanted to highlight the invisible angels who walk our path of life, those we see pass by without seeing them, without realizing their impact on our destiny. Those we let go without saying thank you.


Inspired by the famous Aphrodite, I composed these photographs to show that the Greek and by extension, the Western standard of beauty is far too limited. Here, it is an explosion of life, of warmth, of naked flesh that has nothing to do with the cold and deadly original stone.


Because the modern vision of the woman is, again and again, a perfect combination of embellishment, withdrawal and efficiency, but only on those levels that don’t threat masculinity. I wanted to express desire to live, to be, without compromise, without fear, without thinking about what people will say. And in all its modernity and splendour, to feel free.

Photography. Victoria Vinas @victoria_vinas
Model. Hosanna @iael_joly

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