Mayoridad (Coming of Age)


Francena Ottley is a NYC based Photographer and Installation Artist. Her work consists of using different medias to create narrative pieces as well as fashion pieces that focus on empowering people of color. Her goal is to always make work that speaks to people, empowers people, and shares knowledge.

Mayoridad (coming of age), is an interactive installation highlighting a fantasy teenage bedroom while capturing the emotion of Francena’s past. Focusing on gender, femininity, trauma, and sexuality, Mayoridad, puts the experience of growing up as a young woman of color on display.

Mainstream media has always pressured us to conform to having straight hair, clear skin, wear a size 2 and “act like a lady.” There was never room to be yourself or to know that you can be different and beautiful. By taking the negative beauty standards of the past along with stereotypes and biases of being a woman of color, this installation functions to empower and elevate young women.

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