Vanessa Fairfax-Woods


Vanessa Fairfax-Woods is a photographer based in the UK. She was recently nominated as one of the Royal Photographic Society’s 100 Heroines.

With Photography, I try to give women a chance to play: a chance often denied to women, who, instead, from a young age, are encouraged into roles of mothers, lovers, daughters, etc. In my work I like to create a unique space for women to explore, celebrate and even gently mock their own identities – not for the benefit of the male gaze, nor to conform to stereotypes, but simply for the fun of it all. My subjects play with the camera, and subvert expectations, appearing simultaneously glamorous and funny, strong and girlish. Women have a sense of humour, an appetite, a sense of play, a ‘cheek’, can be sexy, can be ugly, can be powerful, can be vulnerable. Women are a full spectrum and not these pigeon holes that they have been boxed into for so many generations.
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