Alina Zamanova


Ukrainian artist Alina Zamanova creates surrealistic paintings that celebrate the female figure in all its forms. In her practice she explores societal perceptions of beauty and the journey of embracing one’s own insecurity. The distorted alien-like figures of Alina are inspired by her muses around the world; women who transcend these prescribed behaviours to be confident in their own skin, confident in their message, and confident in the work they create, all while striving to embrace the human feeling of vulnerability.

The women that I portray do not see social boundaries and do not fear the consequences of their expressions. Communicating through brushstrokes and composition is therefore a very important part of the process as I first need to be able to have honest conversation with myself.

In her current solo show “Inside Me” presented virtually at Gillian Jason Gallery, Alina explores the issues of how to define individuality in relation to depictions in the media, social constructs and one’s own boundaries.

This series of works sees the struggle of self expression and self awareness needed to get us to a place of comfort and understanding. Moreover I have been trying to embrace multifaceted feelings towards my own body and transform my differing personalities, desires and insecurities into figures on the canvas; inseparable and intertwined.

Each of my paintings, sculptures and studies on paper has inspired me to look inside myself, control my emotions, and to harness my ego. Beauty and ugliness have a convoluted relationship. My mantra, ‘Stay Ugly’ is about accepting the good and the bad of one’s self, both inside and out.

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