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Release season is upon us! Although physical sales in time for Christmas shopping are not as important as they used to be now that we are in the digital age and stream our favorite music, the competition is extra big this time of the year. Even more reason for us to show your our favorite this November.

CATT- Why Why

If you’re into hopeful piano tunes, fairy vocals, harmonies & soft melodies, CATT will make your musical tastebuds very happy. She dropped her album “Why Why” this month – initially planned with a whole release concert then turned live stream. Our recommendation for you if you’re sick of endless Netflix lockdown loops! She is an amazing live artist.

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BENEE – Hey u x

Skyrocketing New Zealand artist BENEE – after several EPs named after e.g. her car Steve – finally released her debut album “Hey u x”. You may already know her effortless self-reflecting feel good vibes from Tik Tok viral “Supalonely” and the album doesn’t disappoint – it even features Grimes and Lily Allen!

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Shygirl – ALIAS

Women cannot be put into a box. That’s why Shygirl developed a whole badass 3D girl band representing her character: Baddie, Bae, Bovine & Bonk. The new EP ALIAS is out now.

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In her new visuals-loaded and costume-heavy video, VALENTIN is gathering all her queens and sisters around her to request one little thing from you:

Walk like a queen!

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French Pirates – Eat it for Dinner

The Berlin based, American/Israeli trash pop duo French Pirates are finally dropping their first solo single. “Eat it for Dinner” is a bass house banger that definitely wants us to finish our plate ASAP to run to the dance floor (that is our living room)! Also: where can we get our hands on a poster of those visuals?

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