Me Recorre Esta Piel (This Skin Goes Around Me)

Tatiana Escárate, a Chilean photographer currently residing in Buenos Aires, Argentina, embarked on a remarkable documentary project in January 2022. This project, entitled “ME RECORRE ESTA PIEL,” aims to highlight the diverse and captivating bodies of cisgender and trans women.

Argentina, unfortunately, holds the distressing distinction of being the country with the second highest number of reported cases of eating disorders among women. Consequently, the primary objective of Tatiana’s project is to provide a much-needed source of representation for girls, adolescents, and women who have long yearned to see themselves reflected in the media. By showcasing bodies and conditions that resonate with their own, this project aims to offer these individuals the crucial role models and inspiration they urgently require.

Photography and creative direction: Tatiana Escárate @aviesza 
Producer: @santiwalter02
Ph assistant: @tomas.gnzlz and @sheispuurple
Makeup: @maria.saltos 
Models: @valen_ferreyra_ (@evolution.models) // @1helenapereira (@evolution.models) // @cielo.xxsc // @agussromanello // @marivalencia0_ // @marulapicci

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