Breaking Stereotypes and Embracing Diversity: Agathe Marcé’s Big Mama Surf Unveils a Fresh Visual Narrative in Biarritz

Agathe Marcé is a talented artist and graphic designer hailing from Biarritz, in the Basque country of France, known for redefining the graphic elements of 90s sports marketing through bold black lines, spontaneous shapes, and vibrant fluorescent colors. With her series ‘Big Mama Surf’, she challenges the traditional portrayal of surfers, which has long been limited by gender stereotypes. By bridging the gap between instinctive expression and societal contemplation, Agathe envisions a fresh visual narrative that embraces diversity and inclusivity, reflecting the rich variety found within the water.

We recently discovered Agathe’s work while exploring Biarritz and were immediately captivated by her distinctive painting style and unique approach showcased on the wall @lemurbiarritz.

We highly recommend taking the time to check out her exceptional work: @agathemarce //

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