Alexa [Scarlett] Penn is an NYC-based creative who has an eye for detail and a voice for the masses. As an image-creator, content producer, and writer, Penn believes she has the power to represent all types of people, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or body image. In her mind, this approach to the industry is what fashion needs and makes for a much ‘cooler’ image. 

“PLAY is the sentimental longing for freedom and engagement in imaginative activities just for pure enjoyment. Whatever happened to going outside and make-believe? This project highlights how playtime has been challenged by technology and addresses gender stereotypes in the toy box. It attempts to break the rules behind playtime and encourages girls to take physical risks. By rediscovering our childhood, we are allowing room for imagination, character-building, and freedom.” 

Model: Andrea Granera @dregranera

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