Amber Drew Sparrey is a photographer and filmmaker based in West Midlands, UK who graduated from the University of Worcester with a First Class undergraduate degree in Fine Art. Her practice explores fabricated femininity, gender and identity in the digital age. She does this through the construction of her alter ego, ‘Ambie Drew’ whose sole existence is to achieve feminine perfection in a synthetic reality. She manipulates herself through the use of beauty tools and products to play on an amplified, kitsch and stereotypical femininity. Her work questions how we present ourselves as women through societies feminine ideals and analyses the consumption of beauty through an objectifying female gaze. Using beauty products and objects to capture the visceral and grotesque nature of feminine rituals. Creating a series of short films presented as large, multi-screen installations, her artwork critiques ideals of feminine beauty and legitimizes the female perspective in the digital age.

You are a woman with a man inside watching a woman. You are your own voyeur.

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