Anna Choutova


Anna Choutova is an artist living in London. She is originally from Sweden but also of Armenian and Russian origin, which makes for an interesting East meets West, multi-cultural cocktail. Anna graduated from Brighton University with a BA in Fine Art Painting in 2015 and has been painting, drawing and putting on exhibitions since then. Besides painting her heart out, Anna is also the founder and director of Bad Art Presentsa curatorial project that puts on out-of-this-world exhibitions where you don’t have to whisper nervously and worry about getting too close to a piece of art.

My work is the reflection and celebration of life’s bad times. I confront intimate moments with a huge spotlight and show the world my insecurities, vulnerabilities and my ‘nothing’ moments. By tackling subjects like loneliness, lethargy and isolation in such a garish manner, a sense of humour is present in my practice – a kind of glorious self-deprecation that was heavily inspired by American pop-artists of the mid 20th century.

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