‘beesandbutterflies’ is a feminist and sex-positive art project by Italian multidisciplinary & experimental artist Eloisa Alquati.

I started ‘beesandbutterflies’ in 2013 using my left hand (even though I am right-handed). Switching hand to create gave me the opportunity to find a new personal style, a simple style, almost childish or naive, that allows me the freedom to draw whatever I want, keeping a cute and innocent appearance even though sometimes with very explicit contents. Sex (or Love) just becomes natural, and an adult game.

I enjoy drawing sexuality in all its aspects, moving through genders, sexual orientations, anatomies and identities, and I really hope that my project could be helpful to open minds, smooth out differences and break taboos.

There is so much work to do to have back that freedom of discovering and being itself that everyone deserves to have. I wanna be part of this movement and believe that this could be a possible future and not just an Utopia.

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