Megan Doherty

Megan Doherty is a photographer based in Derry, Northern Ireland. She escapes the small-town boredom by creating her own hazy reality through photography. Her work stands for youth, subculture and freedom.
Megan’s ongoing project “Stoned in Melanchol” was born from her obsession with freedom. It is a fascinating series starring her friends exploring and turning monotony into a dreamy world full of saturated neon lights..

“The monotony of living in the same small town all your life, surrounded by the same faces every day takes it’s toll. When you allow yourself to get lost in film, music, art, anything really that takes you to that sweet spot in your mind, it’s disappointing to deal with the reality outside of that. Therefore, making work allows me to bring this fictional world to life, to communicate the world I see in my head. Blurring reality and fantasy, essentially.”
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