Lily Jane Brown


Primarily, Lily Jane Brown is interested in painting as its own subject matter and uses the human figure as the vessel to express that language of painting. Words fall away and the gestures of each individual brush stroke take their place. Through this lens, she is able to explore the individual and the space they occupy, and how they can begin to reflect one another. Not just in personality aesthetics (the clothes they were or the objects they surround themselves with), but how there begins to be an osmosis of light, composition and color that jumps back and forth from body to object to space. Through the use of color, composition, texture and image, Brown examines what it means to occupy a specific space and emotion, and attempt to blur the boundaries between the two so that they mold into one unique moment in time. 

“Themes of sex, intimacy, beauty, vulgarity, aggression, vulnerability, humor, and their relationship to one another are also present in my work. As a human being, and specifically a female, I feel all of these things have a strong undercurrent in our everyday lives and drive a majority of the decisions we make as well as situations we get ourselves into. so naturally I gravitate towards images that strongly express these feelings.”
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