Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2020 x Body Mirror

Accidente con Flores, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Mallorca and Ibiza, recently teamed up with the Body Mirror project for a very special campaign aiming to raise funds for theĀ APAACĀ ā€“ theĀ Association of Help to People Affected by Cancer.

Globally, every year, October is known asĀ The Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and for that occasion theyĀ decided to devote all the profits from the sale of their capsule collection of hair accessories and bags for theĀ APAACĀ association.Ā 

The pieces are made of organic cotton, hand screen printed with the original design, and hand-crocheted by local artisans from Balearic islands. The sale ends on October 31, 2020.
The collection has been photographed byĀ Magdalena Lawniczak, founder of theĀ ā€œBody Mirrorā€. Her photographs aim not only to present the offered collection but also to visualize the notion of sisterhood, which seems to us crucial to the health and well-being of all women today.
This initiative hopes to contribute to breaking the taboo that surrounds the human, especially female, body nowadays. It also strives to encourageĀ self-acceptanceĀ as well as to stimulate the discussion about the prevention of cancer.

models: Sarah C., Sam CM., Cha Toublanc, Magdalena L., Martha Tehora M.

For theĀ ā€œBody Mirrorā€Ā project, and theĀ APAAC associationĀ see below:
@body_mirror @accidenteconflores

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