“Covers” by Elisabeth Gomes Barradas


Elisabeth Gomes Barradas has been leading a plastic project for 3 years, mainly focused on the question of «colonization of body and mind through the media», a term closely linked to the European colonialism. This quote was used for the first time by the Afro-descending artist Daniel Dean; on one hand, to show how, with the appearance of social networks and new technologies, we were confronted by the overexposure of a western model beauty given in the form of injunction by our society today. On the other hand, this term puts social networks, standards and distortion intention. Between physical changes coming from extreme cosmetic surgeries, selfies and beauty trends, Elisabeth aims to catch the body transformation, which is a screen of the time passing by. Her work is strongly influenced by rap & rnb from the 2000’s.

The false and the real are two concepts constantly in duality in my work, which is not only multidisciplinary but also the testimony of my personal story and my various influences.

I was born to cape verdean immigrant parents and grew up in the working-class area. Using an aesthetic close to the economy of means and the staging, I approach various issues related to current topics, triggering both indignation and fascination.

My work juggles between sociology and anthropology, where I try to depict its political challenges and how multiculturalism can have an impact on personality development.

Alcina Gomes Barradas @Alcina28
Mahona Dréan @maho_dr
Karen Bodard @karenbdrd
Morgan Jallu @momo_jallu

Make up inspired by: @eeerinr & @stxef

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