“In Bloom”

by Toni Olver & Hannah Massey

@toniolver & @hannah_paige_massey

The series documents the internal and external journey a young woman is forced to take in an attempt to feel secure with herself. The battle of who she is expected to be vs who she desires to be.
Flowers do not bloom just to be sniffed at or wrapped up and sold : a woman does not exist to be beautiful. This visual story illustrates the ways that women are “picked apart” and defined by social expectations. Can flowers grow after being cut? Yes, they grow roots, in the right treatment. Flowers who endure have to cut back, submerge and absorb in order to regrow.

Through these images we hope to translate a story of endurance, growth and beauty. There is something beautiful in each and every woman. It should be up to us to decide what that is. 

Toni Olver & Hannah Massey

Stills: Toni Olver @toniolver
Art direction: Hannah Massey @hannah_paige_massey 
Clothing: Devon Massey @devonjuliamassey
Styling: Toni Olver @toniolver
Make up: Toni Olver @toniolvermua Model: Geenah P @geenah – FanJam models.

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