The girl from the other side


Parisian Photographer and makeup artist Victoria Vinas‘s main inspirations are paintings and movies; with a fascination for the use of light by painters like Caravage or Vermeer, and aesthetics of films like Barry Lindon (Stanley Kubrick) or The Others (Alejandro Amenabar). In her photographic work Victoria wants to show bodies, in all their traits, personnalities and specific aspects.

“The Girl from the other side” explores the space between vintage aesthetic and modernity, with the aim to convey a vision of a modern woman who, despite anxiety about her body, begins to appreciate herself and to assume her perception of womanhood.

As a photographer, I am attentive to not sexualize the subjects i shoot because i think that bodies (especially women’s bodies) are too often used without defaults in the modern world to arouse desire. It creates complexes and a feeling to be not enough.

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