Balm For the Soul


Milena Baeza is a film photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal, whose work explores feelings of nostalgia, intimacy and elegance, using the human body as the main subject.

For this series Milena invited singer Natalí Ferreira for a beach day at Estoril, with the aim to translate into pictures the healing and liberating feeling of time spent at the beach after a long day at work.

End of the day. The sun is still beaming. There’s a desire to go somewhere else to disconnect from reality. A secluded beach. With salty water. Warm sand shining like jewels on the skin. You take your first dip in the sea. The cold water awakens every cell in your body. You feel alive. Energized. You do a mental note to come more often to the ocean. You realize it’s balm for the soul.

Milena Baeza

Photography and creative direction by Milena Baeza @milena.baeza
Model is singer Natalí Ferreira @nxtfb__

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