Dorothy Esteem

The pandemic and lockdown have left photographer Rebecca Dorothy, like many other artists, struggling to find the natural inspiration and motivation to create. She found herself with a very low peak of self-confidence, which triggered in her the urge to go back to expressing her feelings through imagery. With this fun & colorful session of self-portraits, Rebecca reconnected with her inner goddess, and hopes to inspire other creatives to do the same.


Since her childhood, Rebecca Dorothy @rebeccadorothyx, cultivated a passion for photography. Born in Rome, the photographer is now living in between Paris and Berlin, where she explores the body and sensuality in an overwhelming sea of colors. Merging between reality, fantasy, passion, nude and costume, her pictures tell stories; sometimes using self-portraiture and sometimes entering into the most intimate and secret moments of lovers, friends and acquaintances.

I don’t know about you girls, but since the pandemic started I feel that my self esteem has lowered. I started to not like myself as much as before and I have to say that creativity-wise I felt kind of stuck and not that much inspired.

Being in comfy clothes all day, with no necessity to dress up to go out didn’t help much to boost my self confidence.

That’s why one day I took my wig out the drawer, I took off my clothes and used my (poor) makeup skills (I apologies to all my makeup artists friends for this mess eheh), then I put my camera on the tripod and I let myself go free from all the brutalization and stillness that of this pandemic darkness.

I can’t describe the feeling after the whole shooting was over, but I can say that seeing myself again through the lens wearing makeup and sexy long hair really really helped to put me back on track and connect myself with my inner goddess which has always been there, she never left, she was just hibernating πŸ™‚ So if you happen to feel the same, I suggest you do as I did: embrace and stimulate your dormant self through creativity.


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