Emily Freda Sharp

Emily Freda Sharp


Emily Freda Sharp is a London-based Director who strives to create playful work that doesn’t compromise on meaning. 

Her portfolio speaks for itself as to the importance it places on inclusive representation, both in front and behind the camera. With formative training in dance, she brings to the screen a kinetic musicality, most notable through her choreographic camera work and synchronised editing style.

During quarantine Emily created a lockdown series of B-Movies. One definition of a B-Movie is: ‘A lively, energetic film uninhibited by the constraints imposed on more expensive projects.’ 

Locked down and restless, this project is an homage to some of my favourite films produced entirely within the four walls of our flat.

Director | @emilyfredasharphttps://emilyfredasharp.com/
Cinematographer | @harrisoncparker
The Craft | ‘How Soon Is Now’ by Love Spit Love
Some Like It Hot | ‘I Wanna Be Loved By You’ by Marylin Monroe
Natural Born Killers | ‘Female Of The Species’ by Space
Bend It Like Beckham | ‘Move On Up’ by Curtis Mayfield
Austin Powers | ‘Soul Bossa Nova’ by Quincy Jones
Hackers | ‘Voodoo People’ by The Prodigy
Clueless | ‘Fashion’ by David Bowie

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