Erresullaluna & Chuli Paquin

@erresullaluna_ & @chulipaquin

Chuli Paquin and Erresullaluna (Roberto) are Italian photographers who have been working and living together since 2012. Their work is shot in digital, but all the images are scanned and printed using watercolor thick cotton paper and a compound laid with a paint brush. The colors are melt and “re-drawn” by the brush, giving the photographs a unique look, like a painting.

We love to work with “unprofessional” models, normal girls who want to take a challenge, expose themselves and discover something more about their boundaries. We always find inexhaustible energy and inspiration in these women who decide to trust us. Each photograph is the result of an active confrontation with the portrayed person. Often the final product is very distant from the original idea.  Most of our photographs portray nakedness. It isn’t – or shouldn’t be seen as – a challenging choice. We wish a future where nakedness is normal, not banal nor extraordinary, just normal as nature is. That’s why our aesthetic looks back to classical art and mythology. The body is a medium, a tool and a form. Through it we can fully express and know ourselves.
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