Eva Abeling


Eva Abeling is an analog photographer based in Barcelona. She grew up in the North of Germany, Bremen, and studied in London before moving to Spain. Her work focuses on the notions of dreams and the subconscious to explore sensitivity.
After receiving several awards for her photographic project I Thought There Was Something, she had a Solo Exhibition called Welcome To My Sunday in London and in Barcelona. She just created Hot Dreams, a new publication with poet and artist Leyla Margareta Jafarian. She is working on several collaborations and on the concept How to cover up my nipples. She does not tend to retouch her photographs which is an important part of her work. 

It is about the moment where you are allowed to be still. Where you are just with yourself. You have no function, no responsibility of completing tasks. It is about the stillness where you drift with your thoughts into other universes and explore your imagination. Your subconscious. Maybe you remember the way you dream. You feel free because you can express yourself with any emotion. You feel all of your vulnerability, sensibility, love, fears and desires. They are your most natural minutes of the day.

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