This series by Cécile André, pays homage to the great figure of art that is Frida Khalo, interpreted here by Helena Ladorée, drag figure of the Burlesque and Queer Nantaise scene.

Yet Frida resists (…), she smokes and drinks like a man (a bottle of cognac or brandy a day), swallows painkillers in overload and collects adventures with both women and men. She likes the conquest, sex, and clandestine affairs. Her heart beats, she comes. She lives. She is a modern heroine in a Mexico, where women still stand behind their husbands at meal times. She is free and does not bother with prejudice. “

Extract from a text published in the magazine Gala

Photography: Cécile André @cecileandreww
Model: Helena Ladorée @helenaladoree
Styling: Fiperie Fleuve @friperiefleuve

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