But Your Baby Is Fine


“But Your Baby Is Fine” is a series of self-portraits by Lara Wilde about the experience of giving birth.

Lara Wilde dances in her projects between the themes of raw human emotions and the complexity of the outside world. As a photographer and psychologist she is interested in what moves us as humanity on an individual level. 
Besides an intensive involvement with her protagonists, she stands for technical perfection in the execution, which has earned her several awards.

“But you baby is fine.” is what I heard a lot after I gave birth to my first child, and of course that is what was important. It was not an overly dramatic birth, actually it was quite the norm. So maybe I should just shut up and be happy. Maybe its all because my generation is not used to those kind of experiences. Nevertheless, I needed to work through it, feel and understand what happened there. So I began to photograph myself and relive the hours of birth.  


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