Girls By Girl is the ongoing project of French photographer Amandine Kuhlmann in collaboration with stylist Alya Derris. The series features non binary model Nubia. The project aims to challenge current stereotypical visions around the female and non-binary body, identity and gender expression.

White and pink printed shirt with gathers : Andrea Crews
Purple corset : Vaillant Studio
Pink transparent dress : Adidas
Cycling Short in burgundy wool : Boutet
3D glasses : The State Sunnies
Cristal earrings : Hélène Zubeldia
Opulant crystal Choker : Hélène Zubeldia
Open toe heeled shoes with white base : Ali Saulidi

Bikini top : Asos

35 Meters deep printed shirt : Left Fig
35 Meters deep printed Leggings : Left Fig
Cropped tie and dye denim jacket: Vaillant Studio
Denim and gold chains accessory : Maison Davide Bazzerla
Patchwork denim Top : Stylist own
Golden Earrings : Juliette Laloë
Ring with purple stone : Stylist own

Body Necklace : Rose Gardée
Blue Knit Long Skirt : Cem Cinar
Tie and dye orange and black trousers trousers : Pretty Little Thing
Golden Earrings : Juliette Laloë
Red And Black leather high heeled platform shoes : 022397BLUFF

Pink silk organza dress : Maison Anastasia Mathiotte
Crystal harness : Hélène Zubeldia

Bikini : Stylist own

Photographer Amandine Kuhlmann @amandinekuhlmann
Stylist Alya Derris @alyaderris
Stylist Assistant Rose Lebarazer @roselebarazer
Mua Charline Dailland @ayamyself
Model Nubia @theyarenubia

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