Joanna Szproch


Joanna Szproch is a photographer from Warsaw Poland, now based in Berlin, Germany. She is a daughter, a sister, and a mother. She is a woman who takes surrealistic photographs about women, bodies, nudity, and intimate relationships. She believes in fairytales and is obsessed with capturing the magic moment of a situation.
It’s in berlin, that she has wiped her artistic palette clean again, re-imagined her creative quest, and met her internal child. As an adult woman, Joanna realizes this internal child isn’t so dissimilar from her mature self after all. This fluctuating boundary between old and young, adult and child, innocence and knowing are strong themes in Joanna’s artistic work and life.

I am a photographer who has a deep understanding of colour, a natural intuition for lighting and an empathy towards my subjects. I have been actively working for over 10 years, stylistically somewhere in between the worlds of portraiture and fashion. My best talent is developing a close bond with my subjects quickly, and being able to capture rare, intimate moments with them.
What sets me apart from my contemporaries is my unique and memorable style that is a blend between vulnerability and power; sensuality and prudishness. I capture something that is intellectual, yet bodily. I have a strong viewpoint and the passion to share it.
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