Lorena Spurio


Lorena Spurio is an illustrator from Italy, currently based in Turin. After discovering her passion for drawing and painting three years ago, she decided to take a master in Creative Illustration at BAU in Barcelona. With the Covid-19 pandemic she started working as a full time illustrator and artist. Forced to stay alone and isolated due to government’s restrictions, she became the protagonist of her own paintings, often imagined in dreamy scenarios away from the always-the-same routine which we had and still have to live everyday because of the virus. 

Drawing and painting is like a meditation for me, it calms me and gives me a sense of peace. In the last year especially, painting helped me remain sane, creating a world where I could escape when feeling overwhelmed. This is what I hope to share with the people who see my art: I want you to feel safe, understood, accepted. To feel free to be yourself no matter what.”


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