Margherita Loba Amadio


Margherita Loba Amadio is a photographer from Milan. She graduated in Communication and Sociology at Milan’s University. Her works investigate strength in vulnerability, transparency in shamelessness, wisdom in derangement.

I became more and more aware of all the madness that proliferates around self insecurity. I’m fighting so hard against this insanity and I’m enjoying every single step of this battle. I learn from my models to be myself and not be afraid of that, because I ask them to be themselves. In my pictures I need them to be comfortable, completely comfortable, and relaxed. Their strength emerges. And to me there is nothing sexier than relaxed confidence. We tell each other the things we are ashamed of in ourselves and laugh about it, we tell each other the worst thoughts we ever had, we confess to each other any kind of things and just laugh, till there is nothing left to be afraid of. The model is nude, yes, but she’s there for nobody to watch her, she doesn’t owe anything to anyone, she is not pleasing anyone, she’s just fine and she doesn’t give a fuck. I prefer the model to be intimidating instead of alluring, she has never to be a pray. Never.
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