Emerald Rose Whipple


Emerald Rose Whipple is a Californian artist based in New York whose paintings were compared to a youth culture blog by Monet; Referencing the late 19th century Impressionism and the old masters, Whipple painstakingly captures in paint the ephemeral photographic images.
Her series of oil paintings capture the candid beauty, innocence, and unruliness of youth in a way an advertisement or editorial can only attempt. The art, like the subjects themselves, evokes the freedom and wonder prevalent in urban youth culture. Whippleʼs challenge is to highlight the experience of observation both as a construct of inner reflection and as an abstract phenomenology.

“Looking back at paintings from the early 1900s, I realised there’s this huge gap in this century, into the 90s with Elizabeth Peyton and Lucian Freud. No one’s really painted people. And I feel like my paintings are very much of their time, especially their generation.

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