Marit Goossens


Marit Goossens is a photographer from the Netherlands, who recently graduated from Fotoacademie Amsterdam. In her photography work, Marit aims to highlight various social-critical topics that mainly relate to the body. These topics have arisen from her own uncertainties, questions, but also from criticism.

“Why do women have to menstruate monthly and men don’t? Why do WE have to bear these inconveniences, and fill our body with unnatural hormones? I read an article about the birth control pill. It said they were trying to get a pill out on the market for men. But they stopped the process because men did not agree with the side effects. These side effects are the same that women have to endure. So unfair that they have the choice and we don’t. So I made a short series about men with menstruations and the inconvenience around it.”
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