ME RECORRE ESTA PIEL (this skin goes around me) Edition.6

Tatiana Escárate, a Chilean photographer currently residing in Buenos Aires, Argentina, created the ongoing project “ME RECORRE ESTA PIEL” (this skin goes around me). Recently completing its sixth edition, the project focuses on promoting the visibility of women, not exclusively cisgender, and celebrates diverse profiles. This initiative is particularly relevant in Argentina, where societal ideals contribute to a high prevalence of eating disorders, ranking the country second globally. In the latest edition, Tatiana emphasizes the representation of women with disabilities, a group often marginalized and overlooked in sectors like fashion and advertising. By showcasing them prominently, the project challenges societal norms and strives for a more inclusive and diverse representation of women in these influential domains.

Photography, creative direction & production: @tatianaescarateg
Photo assistant: @santiwalter02 / @tomas.gnzlz
Art direction: @vicky.disalvo
Makeup: @maria.saltos
Models: @eliana.firpo // @evemrbx //@florcabrerastyle (@evolution.models) // @aylencandela

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