Nasrah Omar

“Verisimilitude” by Nasrah Omar


Nasrah Omar is a photo and video artist, based in NYC. She has a proclivity for making carefully crafted, manufactured worlds visible. Her richly layered work showcases a penchant for simulacra and kitsch with surrealist undertones. In her work, she’s interested in exploring narratives of excess, consumption and the mythologization of objects and identities.

Verisimilitude is about uncanny juxtapositions of hyperreal, artificial and mass produced consumer goods and portraits. Through this interplay, familiar objects are integrated into a contemporary Vanitas arrangement, pedestalized and immortalized in their unsettling restaging.

Seemingly unremarkable, expendable “necessities” take center stage, the mundane and familiar transform into otherworldly cornucopias, building on the saturated language of commercial advertisements and subverting it.”

Model: Amanda Kay Cook @amandak9494
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