Mycoze “Dream Couple”


Mycoze is a prosexe queer feminist photographer based in Tiohtià:ke (known as Montreal).
As a photographer, she wants to facitilitate the creation of new images in body representation that are faithful to the staged models. Mycoze’s latest serie “Dream Couple” featuring Jordan Da Costa & Fatim Yassine Sirois Sanoussi, celebrates love and diversity. The goal of this series is to disturb the standards of heteronormative-love-relationship in a poetic way. It’s in a safe and consensual space that Mycoze leads the model to appreciate each others touch, looks, and bodies.

“For me, being transgender came with a lifetime of body dysphoria that chipped away at any chance of self-esteem. At 29, I have found a home in my body that has been changing every day since starting hormone replacement therapy. I am lucky to feel connected with myself for the first time, something new that I don’t take for granted. As comfortable as I am with myself, it is still scary to share my body with others for the first time, to wonder if my scars are desirable or even accepted. At the same time I think it’s important for trans bodies to be more visible, which is why I choose to share myself in this way.” -Jordan Da Costa

“My body is a terrifying and empowering place to be, it carries a political statement that serves a bigger purpose then my own life, even when I am in not aware of it, nor think about it. My body is rarely represented in the media as a positive and powerful body. My body is black. My body is fat. My body is tall. My hair is curly. My body has flaws. My body is mine. My body is magic. My body is not for your feelings, your comments or your opinions. These pictures capture a soft representation of the body I live in.” -Fatim Yassine Sirois Sanoussi
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