Noeul Kim is an illustrator, Fashion & Graphic Designer from South Korea, currently based in Berlin, Germany. She completed Bachelors in Apparel Design and trained at the print design department of Hyundai Handsome corp. in Seoul, and is passionate about all mediums of art, graphic, and fashion.

My passion lies in portraits and erotic motives. Erotic paintings (“Chunhwa”) always have been part of Korean traditional art, which is where a lot of my inspiration comes from. The human body is something purely fascinating to me. Every pose, every shape triggers a different feeling inside of me, which I then try to express by using different styles and materials.The ‘Sumida‘ series is inspired by the Korean word “스미다” which means ‘to seep through’, it can also mean ‘to sink into one ́s mind’. The liquid and bodies on the paper seep through each other and create a strong feeling.

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