Opashona Ghosh


Opashona Ghosh is a Graphic artist & illustrator born in Calcutta, India. Her graphic illustrations investigate the emotional landscape of the urban feminine and Eastern fantasy – in everyday rituals. Simultaneously a confrontation of and escape from the demons and demands of being “third culture”, absurdities of patriarchy and contradictions of neoliberalism. Her bold use of colours and style draws inspiration from pulp fiction, folk art and 90s esoteric rave posters – reclaiming and subverting both thematically and aesthetically. When not drawing her anxieties in sinister rainbow colours, she collaborates with techno artists and queer parties in London.

My illustrations whimsically explore mental health, club culture and female gaze. With a subtext re-evaluating how we see and connect to contemporary psychedelica, fragility of the human mind and sexual liberation. You’ll find characters caught mid confession; confession of forbidden desires to transcend a sense of themselves.

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